Property Investment

With the loonie soaring everyday against the US$, this is the best time for the Canadians to invest in American property. For many years, I’ve seen the Americans taking the boat across from Maine and staying in their summer houses here in Nova Scotia because of their high currency. About time, we Canadians go over … [Read more…]

Blog Hosting

Many of my friends have asked for advice with regards blog hosting and its advantages. And of course everyone wants to know .. what kind of money we are talking about hosting your own blog. As you all know, I’m not very technically inclined nor I am very internet savvy but one thing I know … [Read more…]

Try It Before You Buy It

I know that buying from a jewelry store online can be stressful if you’re not really sure what to expect. With that in mind, I always recommend Adolf Jewelers, the Virginia jeweler with the selection you’d expect from an online store, but with the service you can really only get by going into an actual … [Read more…]

My Mature Skin

When one is younger, you don’t need to worry too much about anything, especially your skin. But as one becomes older like yours truly, you not only become aware, you can sometimes get paranoid too. Why..?? because you start noticing things on your face and your body that you’ve never noticed before and you know … [Read more…]

Curtain Poles

One can have plain curtain poles but we women folks know better because a nice and trendy looking curtain pole can make a lot of difference when it comes to your windows. Terry Fabric Warehouse stocks huge range of quality curtain poles, to suit anyone’s budget and requirement. I love the decorative poles that has … [Read more…]

Mint Credit Card

Mint Credit Cards are so popular in UK that everyone who is a resident of UK and 18 above, will surely benefit from it. Offering you numerous options for your credit card needs, you do not need to look for different cards elsewhere. But of course credit cards are meant for those using them responsibly … [Read more…]

Orlando Escape

Our vacation plans for next year when my daughter turns 5 will be to Orlando because this is the nearest place to fly to where Walt Disney is our major interest. Alot of our family friends has already been there.. and they raved about it every year. So we agree that 5 yrs old will … [Read more…]

Holiday Cheers

Christmas is just round the corner and with nieces and nephews in the United States.. you can be sure.. that I would need to spend some money buying some gifts for them. Afterall, Christmas is a huge even here in the West. For those like me, who very much depend on promo codes, when we … [Read more…]

Mexico Vacation Villas

I don’t know if you are aware of how close Mexico is to Canada. Every winter, Canadians goes in drove for their winter vacation around January to Mexico. And the main reason why they keep going back is because they love the people there. Mexico’s Mayan Riviera is an all time favorite vacation spot for … [Read more…]