Gaming At Its Best

For generations and as far as I can remember, folks back home has been placing bets on football games, baseball games, hockey games and any other games they can think of betting on with illegal bookmakers. Yes, illegal bookmakers were very popular then and as we all know, illegal bookmakers are not all trustworthy. When … [Read more…]

PowerShot A560 Digital Cameras

Our digital camera is ready to retire, we bought it about 3 yrs ago, when my daughter was born. I don’t think I can survived without a digital camera because I take pictures of my daughter and my surroundings ALOT..! I’m the snap Queen..! I take pictures of everything. Luckily, we now have digital cameras, … [Read more…]

Health & Recovery

The joy of any health recovery is a celebration for anyone. Some folks think that having a drug problem isn’t a health problem, because they don’t have much knowledge about it. But any drug problem is health hazardous. Whether you know it or not, a recovery of that kind depends alot also on the drug … [Read more…]

Scrubs & Beyond

Many years ago, when my mom was working in the hospital, all the provided was a white uniform, irregardless if you were a nurse or a cleaning lady in the hospital, it was white. But things has changed considerably in the hospital, in fact i noticed the first changes in the children’s ward in the … [Read more…]

Mint Cards

The Royal Bank of Scotland is behind the Mint Credit Cards and for those who are resident of UK and 18 above, you sure have alot to benefit from with what they are currently offering for creidt cards. I don’t know how some folks uses their credit cards but everyone should only apply for credit … [Read more…]

The Bliss Is Not Over

In any relationship, it is an uphill task. Moreso, for a marriage because you really get to know each other, after living together. And it does get alot tougher once you have children. With work, children, housework, the in-laws and sometimes the out-laws, it can make ones relationship with your partner a very taxing one. … [Read more…]

Teak Furniture At Its Best

I love teak furnitures, and let me tell you teak furnitures are not for the old folks only, my grandma buys teak furniture all the time and she said the reason why she buys them is because you don’t have to worry that it might rot no matter what the weather condition is because teak … [Read more…]

Park West Gallery

My ex-boss from Spain is very much into those arty-farty stuff. He collects fine-arts and was introduced to it when he was on a cruise ship art auction, after that art auction there was no turning back for him. But one cannot keep going on a cruise just to be passionate about your art collection … [Read more…]