New Beginnings

So after being with Blogsome for 7 years – they finally decided to close down – darn!  boy ! did I panic!  why?  because blogsome didn’t have the plugin to export all my contents from the beginning – therefore – I had kept the blogsome blog running thus long – for it was one of my very first blogs.   I do like blogsome don’t get me wrong – the advertisers loved it too – but it was hard using the blogsome blog because I can’t tweet the blog a lot like an ordinary wordpress blog even though its platform is wordpress.

But yes!  I’m loving my new blog – My Life In Canada – because it is truly a lot about my life in Canada and all about bringing up Chloe.  I hope you continue to support my blog – visit often – and since I can do a lot more with my own hosted blog – you will see me writing nonsense again – and a lot more wilder and insights on migrating to Canada – and how to survive in Canada – work, food and lots of other things.  Leave a comment – I love comments – but do not spam me please.