Halloween Fun 2014

Sorry i took so long to put up pictures of Chloe and her Halloween Night.  She had loads of fun in school as a cat girl and in the evening, we went on our usual route and popped in at Gerald’s and Adele’s and chatted and had candies and so much fun. Look who’s the … [Read more…]

More Gifts From Advertisers

Now that I’m vlogging with Youtube, I get more stuff to try out in collaboration with different advertisers than before.  I still blog but vlogging has been going so well, you cannot imagine how busy I get during the day.  The courier companies knows us well before but now, they think that someone out there … [Read more…]

My Lil’ Artist Girl

I’m happy that we are parents who encourages our child to get as much exposure to many different things and try various hobbies.  Even though both PB and I are very busy, we still try very hard to send chloe for various activities.  Alternatively, chloe has her aunt to fetch her to and fro from … [Read more…]