Postage Time

I think it is really fun to be able to give a gift.. to someone.. and make someone happy. And it donch even have to be something expensive.. and i’m very sure.. that my fellow bloggers, Stef from Da*Xiang and Gracie from Bochup’s Blog turn g/fs .. and in the case of Reid from Ono … [Read more…]

Handy Present for Sienna

I donch know if you know it .. but Sienna from Bring Up Baobao etc .. had a broken arm recently. But she was such a brave little girl.. and i wanted to send her something to encourage her .. a little care package. But knowing Sienna .. she prolly have every single thing she … [Read more…]

Our House + Another

Our house is on the right.. and a good neighbour’s house is on the left. Good Neighbour keeps pretty much to themselves.. and we actually already know them before they moved in. They ironically happen to be a business competition.. but a friendly one. We co-exist harmoniously. .. and they do seems like decent ppl. … [Read more…]


This is for Fish Fish from Kuishinbo Meow. She had posted about some cherries a few days ago.. and i had told her that the cherries here in Yarmouth, NS is quite different looking than those she had posted. So .. she had asked if i could show her some of our here. So here … [Read more…]

New House On The Block

This is another house after our right hand side neighbour. The left hand side neighbour is the spooky one .. who found it offensive that i had put their son picture on my old blog and confronted me. The workers were putting the house together .. it’s like a pre-fab house… and i went over … [Read more…]

Vampire : The Turning

Not too bad a movie at all. I thought it was gonna be a cheap production .. but in fact it was pretty good. Not a must watch… but a can watch. 🙂

SuperMarket Baby

Chloe at the supermarket with us today. She was so independent.. and never ran around like most kids.. just followed us around.. and not being a nuisance either.