About Me

I’m an Asian but currently living in Canada. I moved to Y-Town in the name of love. I met my spouse some 19yrs ago and we talked online for a good 6yrs before i decided it was safe to come visit .. and that he wasn’t a serial killer… muahahah!! yes, one can never be too careful.

14 yrs ago, I came to visit for Christmas and even though it was snowing and winter.. my heart quickly warmed up to a very quiet but quirky Canadian man. Falling in love quickly and followed by having a lovely daughter in 2003 was a miracle itself, for I never thought I could have a child due to health complications. But as God would have it.. i did carry my daughter, full term and 2 weeks late.. she became the love of my life.

The last 10 yrs was a trying one for us.. as we struggled to become first time parents and like any new parents .. we stumbled, fall and learned. This blog is a journal of my life here in Canada and all the new things i had to adapt to .. from the cold weather to no Chinese food.. and being a mum. This blog is named in honor of my spouse’s father who grew baby bok choi for me.. because i missed home food lots. I’m grateful for that.