Why I Blog?

I started blogging in 2004 because of my brat – Chloe. I wanted to note down all the bringing her up process in case I am no longer around.. when she has her own baby. Afterall, I am not a young mother, I had her when I was 39 yrs old.

Of course, this blog then extended to my life here in Canada .. and what I do, see and the people I meet .. and my relationship with my in-laws. Some 8 yrs ago.. my blog went semi-private because of my turtle mountain neighbor and a ungrateful ex-employee. But after a while I told myself.. why should i even let these losers people dictate my life? I guess it was more because of the business we owned and we didn’t wanna lose or offend a future customer/s. But enough was enough.. ! i refused to let anyone bully me no more. So here I am blogging till my heart content.

And if you think I am writing about you .. or if you are from Y-Town.. donch flatter yourself. Have fun reading.. but take everything with a pinch of salt .. will yer..! I’m VERY dramatic.. and my opinions and thoughts may unlikely be the same as yours but this is AFTERALL my blog, so I am entitled to my own opinion right..?? and write down my thoughts right?   So if you donch like what you read here, that’s alright… just move along.