More Floats

More floats. Although cannot be compared to those from home, this is as good as it gets. And no .. i’m not looking down on anything here.. just a simple comparison.

Men In Kilts

Bag pipers. According to my FIL .. there are lots of descendants from the Scots here in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia means New Scotland in Gaelic. Gaelic is the native language of the Scots and Irish.

The Mountys

RCMP – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police This is their ceremonial uniform, although they do not wear this often enough. I find it quite stylo-malo..!


Children + Business + I just do not go together.. because i know that i can give the whole store away.. when it comes to children. I was giving away glow sticks… a can of pop to a little girl who fell down in front of our store.. and tearing up a packet of sparklers … [Read more…]

Phone Slamming

I haven’t played phone slamming for a long, long time. Ever since coming to Canada.. in 2001. Before when my spouse and i had a long distance relationship.. i used to play phone slamming.. and my poor, poor spouse.. gotta call me back.. like a few times.. and donch you forget.. Long Distance .. hor.. … [Read more…]


J.R. on his bike. He is quite the casanova .. i tell you .. but he won’t admit to it. Very good person .. from what i see. And deep down inside.. i think JR will make a really good b/f and husband material. But the boy sure like his toys.. I tell ya.. bought … [Read more…]

Princess Ansley

Remember Ansley Elizabeth Guier..??? Princess of Tanya & Mitchel Guier. They were down the store today.. before going for the fireworks.. and Ansley is so CUTE..!!!! If you see her in person.. you would just wanna hug her.. tight. !!! Isn’t she pretty..??

Cute Tyra

Little Tyra .. buying a sunglass at our store with her mom. She was awesome .. and so cute..!!! She is about 3 yrs old.. but really smart. Her mom was very sporting too.. to let me take a picture of her.

Seafest – Fireworks

The town was celebrating Seafest.. and we had fireworks tonite. We didn’t catch the first part of it.. because we were busy trying to close the store.. we had opened till last minute.. because of selling glow sticks. But we did catch the last 10mins of it.. but not all my pictures came out good. … [Read more…]

Nice Customer

This is Shane, a very long time customer of ours. We’ve always like Shane .. coz’ he is funny and very easy-going. He looked scruffy today.. but he usually looks alot better than this, prolly tired from looking after his new born baby.