More presents from Godma Lynn. 2 sets of clothings..!! Thank you once again .. Godma Lynn. We hope you visit more often than once a year.

Godma Lynn’s Visit

Godma Lynn came to visit all the way from Toronto and spent a few hours with Chloe.. playing with her and having a ball. Chloe had a ball with GrandAunt Helena too. Planted kisses on both Godma Lynn and Grand Aunt Helena today. And Godma Lynn brought lots of presents for Chloe.. from clothings to … [Read more…]

At Work With Daddy

My spouse woke me up.. at about 10am.. to inform me.. that he had already fed Chloe.. changed her poopie .. and got her juice, milk and snack ready .. and bringing her to work… so that i can sleep a few more hours. Now isn’t that sweet or what..?? That was a really awesome … [Read more…]

Millionaire Dream

What do one do.. when they can’t fall asleep…?? i play the millionaire game.. heheheh!! I pretend i am a millionaire..and then go on to do stuff.. i would .. to improve my life.. and my environment.. and the business…. and that usually put me to bed quickly.. hahahah!! Wierd woman eh..?? but every woman … [Read more…]