Stopped By Custom

Guess what was stopped by custom and not allowed to come into Canada..??? Yes.. a gift all the way from Asia, Malaysia… from Msau & SQ. Thank you … Msau & SQ .. chloe just loved it..!! it was very, very thoughtful of you .. 🙂 PS : Chloe’s daddy had to sign a release … [Read more…]


From left : Dennis, a friend from Hectanooga, Troy-cousin, my handsome BIL, Richard that i’m pawning to any nice gals out there. Cousin Brian (Cousin Linda’s brother) and Uncle Llyod.

The Source

= Radio Shack in Canada is now call The Source. Now owned by Circuit City Stores, Inc., and announced that on or before July 1, 2005, that it will re-brand all of its stores currently operated by InterTAN Canada Ltd., under license from RadioShack Corporation as THE SOURCE BY CIRCUIT CITY. As far as i … [Read more…]

Remote Baby

Chloe has been taking the remote.. outta nowhere.. and started pointing at the TV and pressing the remote.. just like what her daddy and i do.. hahha!! It’s such a funny sight..!! she meant to show off i think.. but instead it looked so funny to us. Full of action … not a word..!!

Blood Sugar Down

My blood sugar went down today.. not to normal yet.. but half of what i had yesterday. So that was pretty good. I’m gonna have to watch what i’m eating and drinking from now on again. I’ve been slacking in that area.. ever since i had Chloe… because when i had chloe.. my blood sugar … [Read more…]