Blood Sugar

My blood sugar had been really high recently. I went to the pharmacy to get my machine tested.. just to make sure.. that it’s not going bonkers.. and yep.. it was alright..! so i guess it’s me.. that is going bonkers.. so i better start watching my diet again. I had a bagel with light … [Read more…]


I haven’t worked with the new exchange student yet… my spouse did. So far so good.. but i’ll wait a little longer to make any kinda assessment. I just do not wanna have my hopes all high. .and then get disappointed once again.

No Sign

No sign of Godma Lynn yet. I heard from my MIL that they may be heading to Sydney to visit Aunt Verna. So i guess Chloe ain’t gonna have much time with Godma Lynn.. bummer.. And i was so looking forward to Chloe bonding with her Godma.

Next Surprise

This is my second surprise for my brave and smart Sienna from Bring Up Bao Bao etc. It is a picnic mat .. and in pink .. a really girly color for i know Sienna is like a princess. It gets folded up like a bag .. and can be carried like a bag when … [Read more…]

Bop Bag – New Toy

New Winnie the Pooh bop bag for Chloe. We thought that she might be scared of it at first.. like she does most of her things… but she surprised us.. by playing with it immediately.

Cousin Denise

This is Denise .. another cousin of my spouse. Her hair always look very stylo-malo and she always dressed up for the type of occasion she is in. Guess what her profession is…???