Daily Updates – 29th Sept 2005

The brat slept at 12am on the floor last nite. Woke up at 4.40am with daddy. Had some milky and went back to bed at 5.20am. Finally got up at 8.26am and had some milky but refuses to sleep again.. because it’s mummy. As usual.. rubbing her back for an hour still did not put … [Read more…]

Ju Yi Oil

Can one kind soul please send me one bottle of Ju Yi oil?? they are for baby’s stomach.. when they have tummy ache..or indigestion. I remember my mum used to use it on us when we were kids after we take our bath. I cannot find it anywhere here or in Halifax. I will be … [Read more…]

Daily Updates – 28 Sept 2005

The brat slept at 12.30am on the floor last nite. Woke up at 8.30am with daddy. Had some milky and went back to bed at 8.45am. Finally got up at 10.30am and had breakfast with daddy. Played with daddy for a long time.. while mummy sleeps like a pig. Had lunch with daddy while mummy … [Read more…]

Officially Crazy

Yes.. that i am..! I slept for 9 hrs .. no disturbance..! had breakfast..lunch and a snack.. ! had a coffee.. ! baby napping.. even got myself a babysitter….. and didn’t do dishes.. nor cook for anyone..! and i got crazy .. because my spouse didn’t bring back “the” kinda chicken that i want..! Yes.. … [Read more…]


After trying to bring my brat to some babysitter’s house previously .. and it didn’t work.. we decided to get a Che-che(sister) to play with Chloe. Chloe’s new che-che has a really pretty name, Katelynn. She is about 16yrs old.. and today was a first day with Chloe. Chloe seems to love her aplenty .. … [Read more…]

Blue Flowers & Sun Catcher

Sun catcher i bought a few weeks ago with Chloe. And Blue Flowers on Monday anyone..?? I rather not have any flowers.. for it would meant .. that we had a fight again..! Bummer..!!

Little Lebanon

A few weeks ago, I had some lebanese food from a little cafe call .. Little Lebanon. The avocado salad was great.. unfortunately the beef kebabs were tough .. the rest and salad would have gone nicely if the beef were good. This meal came with pita bread too.. which i only ate 2 because … [Read more…]