Birthday Party

Normally, I would never asked PB to drop his work and attend a birthday or gathering of his extended family.  But because of Chloe and because we wanted to show her that she don’t have to worry we might die anytime soon – we brought her to Aunt Guytha’s 100 birthday at her home in Port Maitland.

Yes, Aunt Guytha is 100 years old yesterday – a lot of people attended the party – and Chloe was quite pleased to see that Aunt Guytha was real and that she lived to 100 years old.  As for Aunt Guytha – she is PB’s grandmother’s sister –  looking really good for her age.  Her house was huge and really nice.   I’m happy we went – even though it was raining and all – at least she seems happier after going to the birthday party.

  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog reading up on longevity and wow, I’m impressed with Aunt Guytha!

    Thought only Chinese and Japanese live ripe, long lives but this beautiful and active Canadian lady should be in the newspapers 🙂

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