Perks That Comes With My Job


At the store, we get free lobsters and other stuff for Chloe all the time from our customers.  And for my online job, I get so many free stuff to check out and to review.  Yes, there are plenty of perks that comes with my online job and vlogging.  Just last week, I received a boxful of things to try out this summer and to vlog about it if I wished from advertisers.

PB never have to buy me cosmetic, perfumes or skin care , I always remind him how lucky he is – hahahha!  Vlogging turned out to be so much fun and so fruitful and fulfilling, not only do I make money, get free stuff, I get tons of friends/fans online.  What do I vlog about ?  mostly cosmetics, skincare for women over 50 of course and things happening around this town as well as Canada as an expatriate, you cannot imagine the many people who are interested in migrating to this part of the world.


  1. Jonie


    Chance upon your nice blog. Mind to share your youtube vlog address as I am interested to know more about skin care tips.



    • CCW MB

      hi, jonie – i write for a magazine my dear and their online skin care for their members. where are y ou located ? because I think the magazine and vlog can only be found in the europe.

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