Good New Year’s Eve

We are having a good New Year’s Eve at the store… 🙂 Fireworks are selling like hotcakes here.. and so are all the games..!! woo hoo..!! and we are only open till 6pm this evening.. and we are at 4pm right now.. 🙂 Good year ahead.. i hope.. with more advertising .. now that we … [Read more…]

Daily Updates – 30th Dec 2005

Chloe slept at 11.15pm last nite. She got up 8.30am with daddy for milky and went back to sleep till 9am. Woke up at 10am for daddy and had a waffle for breakfast but no yogurt. Went to the store with daddy for daddy needed to work on something. Katelynn the babysitter came in at … [Read more…]


A very Happy New Year to Everyone out there.. reading my blog..! May you have a great year ahead of you ..!! And may all your dreams come true..!!

Papa BoK’s wish

This is what Papa BoK had been eyeing on .. all year.. ! Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW 24-inch Wide Aspect Flat Panel LCD Monitor with Height Adjustable Stand. Men..! they sure have expensive taste.. and expensive toys..!! this is going at 1K but normally goes for 1.3K. As much as I would like to get it … [Read more…]

Daily Updates – 29th Dec 2005

Chloe slept at 12.15am last nite. She got up at 6.20am and had some milky and peepee changed and went back to sleep at 7.20am. Woke up at 10am for daddy and had a whole waffle for breakfast..! Another milestone reached. Had some chocolates after mummy got up from her sleep. Katelynn the babysitter came … [Read more…]

Daily Updates – 28th Dec 2005

Chloe slept at 12.30am last nite. She didn’t get up till 9am for daddy and after some milky and peepee changed, she went back for a short nap.. at 9.30am. Woke mummy up at 10.20am and wanted milky again..! and then wanted more water. Had breakfast of cereal and yogurt. Headed for the store abit … [Read more…]

Super “Kiasu”

I’m super kiasu when it comes to dressing up chloe in the winter.. or in any other season..! I have to make sure that she is really warm.. and all the bases covered.. because i have no wish to risk for her to get anything/sick at all. Sometimes, i know Papa BoK thinks i am … [Read more…]