Daily Updates – 27th Feb 2006

Chloe slept at11.45pm last nite, with very little fuss. Woke up at 3.54am because mummy went to shift her legs that were hanging off the bed. Had some milky and pee pee changed and went back to sleep immediately. Stirred at around 6am, i think she was dreaming. Finally woke up for daddy at 7.40am … [Read more…]

The Ice Harvest

John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton are in this movie. Not a bad movie but i guess i had expected better.

Daily Updates – 26th Feb 2006

Chloe slept at 12am last nite after fussing for an hour till daddy came and sat with her. What a lil’ brat..! Woke up at 5.15am and daddy gave her some milky and pee pee changed and she went back to sleep at 5.30am. Woke up at 7.44am and had some more milky and went … [Read more…]


This movie with Heather Graham and David Sutcliffe from Gilmore Gals fame. Not a bad movie at all. But of course. the only reason why i watched this movie at all .. was because my favourite, favourite actress is in it. Sandra Oh..!! I just love her tiny eyes..!! And of course David Sutcliffe .. … [Read more…]