Beef Stew Rendevous

She is getting better with feeding herself these day. But i also noticed ..only for the food she likes… not otherwise. She was eating beef stew with a little rice .. but she loves the soup the most. You would also noticed she stopped for abit.. because she thought i wanted a photo of her … [Read more…]

No Tax Sale

Big day for us today.. ! coz’ this is our first no tax sale in almost 8 yrs of business..!! Yes… ppl started streaming in before we were even opened at noon..!! Wow..!! Expecting a busy day.. and so far.. it has been busy..!! The weather out there.. foggy..! Bummer..!! but i guess it’s best.. … [Read more…]

Love Hate Result

Well.. as you can see.. the poll result is out for my love or hate my new banner. 15 ppl voted.. and 6.7% hated my banner.. boo-hoo-hoo..!! I quit blogging.. !!! Hhahahhhahaha!! no lah..!! you think i as crazy as Ms Selfish meh…??? But actually hor.. i kinda thought ppl would hate my banner lah..!! … [Read more…]

Static In Ears

My poor brat.. had been complaining that there is static in her ears. I doubt she really knows what static is.. but it’s because we always kenna shocked by static.. so she picked up the word.. i think she meant “pain” perhaps..?? Well.. it had been 2 days already.. so PB called her family doctor.. … [Read more…]