100% Free Calorie Counter

Health is the wealthiest thing that one can have and it’s so easy to stay healthy with MyFitnessPal. How would you like a free calorie counter that is easy and fast to use.. and keeps you healthy?? With this free calorie counter, it teaches you the nutritional contents of what you are eating, and consequently, … [Read more…]

Too many bruises

Yes.. the brat has got too many bruises everywhere..!! she is just not careful .. enough..!! the huge one is on her legs.. she fell in the driveway .. a few days back. Then on the next day.. she pinched her bum.. on the toilet seat..!! and then a few more bruises here and there..!! … [Read more…]

Home Decoration

When I bought my first apartment back home in Singapore, i went through like a million home decorating books and magazines to get ideas on how i want my home to look like because we all know it is so important.. to have everything done just right. A home is where we go home.. and … [Read more…]

Internet Litigators

When one has an internet business, an InternetLitigators is probably a good idea to retain .. for legal services. And looks like they do small business like ours too. The trusted legal counsels to IT companies worldwide since 1999, they sure do have a wide range of legal knowledge on issues effecting internet companies past … [Read more…]

She Sure Is Chinese Alright

Chloe doesn’t like admitting that she is half chinese.. hahhaha!! everytime i say she is.. she would protest.. and say.. “I’m not CHINESE..!” But yer know what..?? Yesterday.. because there was nothing she wants to eat at Grammie’s.. and I whipped up a packet of instant noodles.. and guess what..?? the gal who said.. she … [Read more…]


Nah..!! i’m not talking about halfway houses..!! i’m talking about me.. and my movie watching habits..!! I really think PB must be really frustrated with me.. because we would start to watch the movie together.. and try and put Chloe to bed.. and then when Chloe sleeps… or rather falls asleep, up i am.. from … [Read more…]

Accommodation in London

Now Cheap Hotels in London would have been really useful for us, when we visit my sister-in-law and her new born baby from London. And if you are like me looking for accommodation in London, but loves a good deal and can only travel last minute but do not want to stay in a hostel … [Read more…]