Not Trustworthy Saga

Saga continues from Not Trustworthy : Well… guess who came this evening.. wanting to buy stuff ..for her kids..?? Yup.. the customer who bounced the cheque. But of course.. she insisted that she checked.. and that she saw it come out on her online banking.. and blah, blah, blah. You know .. the kind.. who … [Read more…]

Yarmouth First Dragon Boat

Photo credit : Carla Allen Our lil’ town just had their very first dragon boat race.. 2 weekend ago. And if you look at the picture carefully, you’ll see that the dragon boat “head” sure looks pathetic.. muahahahha!! “Long Tau” not majestic nor commanding .. how to have a real race leh….?? I also wonder … [Read more…]

Stronger Nutrition III

Fitness buff knows that exercising and carrying weight is not enough. I only learned about it a few year ago, when the owner of a meat place next to our business, who was into boxing and weight lifting didn’t seems to achieve the kind of body shape he wanted. A few months down the road … [Read more…]

Not Trustworthy!

What a start of the day..!! Got a call from the bank.. telling us.. that a customer’s cheque got bounced..!! And to think that we were doing a good deed. She came in a month ago wanting to buy a system from us.. but could only give us a post-dated cheque till welfare day. Outta … [Read more…]

Key Man Insurance

In any business, the real asset of it is your employees. Therefore, it is only a wise that key man insurance, a form of life insurance is bought to compensate the company, should there be a sudden loss and untimely death of the key person in your company. Protect your business by protecting your key … [Read more…]

Mummy and Baby Spider

I know the brat is pretty smart.. but 3.5 yrs old.. and her imagination is sure beyond what i could ever have imagined as a kid. This morning at work, PB drew her a spider.. because she was fussing.. and wanted to draw stuff.. so on her Papa’s lap.. they drew the spider on the … [Read more…]

Home Based Business

Alot of folks here that I meet claims that they cannot find a job anywheres in town or they feel that they are not hire able. Maybe, I should give back to the community by recommending them about the potential of work at home, that way they really don’t have to complain that they need … [Read more…]

Happy Merdeka Day!

As Malaysians celebrate their country’s Independence Day, let me wish all Malaysian bloggers a Happy Merdeka Day..!! This is their 50th year of independence.. and i’m sure it is no easy feat. I wish for all Malaysian bloggers good food, not so much political drama, good health, and a great economy year ahead.

Wedding Bands

When one think of wedding bands, lovely summer weddings comes to one’s mind. I remember choosing my wedding band.. many years ago. I was a very fussy one and wanted something unique that both my partner and me would both like, afterall, we are going to wear it for a lifetime. So if you are … [Read more…]

Those Slimming Specialist

Before coming to Canada.. I was intrigue.. by someone i knew.. from way back.. when i worked in the hotel industry. She is famous ok..!! so when i saw her picture of her so slim and all.. representing a slimming salon .. i of course got confidence lah..! that was like 8 yrs ago. Anyhow.. … [Read more…]