The Move Is On

Yes.. ! the move is on.. and we are not even half done on the other side of the store. Half is gone to the new store.. but we still need to sort out over the other side of the store. You can’t imagine .. how much stuff we have in our store. We did … [Read more…]

Tuscany Luxury Villa

It is truly a dream come true to visit Tuscany, Italy. Tuscany is one of the 20 regions in Italy. Tuscany is known for its landscapes and its artistic legacy. As I am writing this.. I am out of breadth, just remembering it. The Italians are the most boisterous, generous and kind people that i’ve … [Read more…]

I Butchered Her Hair

Yes.. this crazy mommy butchered her hair.. because we are so busy of late.. donch even have time to bring her over to Francine’s .. and she wouldn’t let me clip her hair.. or tie it up. So last nite.. i bought a scissors meant for cutting the fringe.. and today.. i butchered her hair. … [Read more…]

Window Film

Window film has come a long way from the plain old frosted look used for privacy purposes. Now you can get decorative window film, perfect for either day or night privacy without sacrificing natural light. Whether you need it for your bathroom or basement at home, or even glass partitions in your office, Remlor has … [Read more…]

Wars Of The In-Laws 2

Woohoo..!! i got Wars of In-Laws 2 to watch tonite..!! After PB’s motherboard went bonkers.. since Saturday.. i didn’t have a chance to watch any chinese shows. His computer didn’t wanna work.. and without his computer .. i can’t get any shows working on the xbox. We had to wait for monday.. to order a … [Read more…]

The Rec Room

I’m pretty sure that by now, you know how much I want a recreation room at the basement for PB. When we first moved into this house 3 yrs ago, that was what we had agreed on. The basement would be for the man.. and the upstairs is for me to take care of.. and … [Read more…]

Child Labor

What better way to promote a moving sale . .then to send the kid into the window.. and asked her to say.. “Moving Sale..!! Moving Sale..!!” She had fun alright.. for abit.. but she didn’t say.. “Moving Sale” .. but she did say.. “Anyone For Movies .. ! Anyone For Movies..!”

Crusing with My Dream Bike

I’m a very simple woman and only need simple things. For years, I’ve been eyeing on a beach cruiser because it is the simplest bike ever. They are not those fanciful bikes that keeps needing you to upgrade every year with different gadgets for the bike, they are just simply bikes that you ride on … [Read more…]

Sex -Sir-My-Phone

It was just hilarious.. when we first heard the brat said that .. just about a few months ago. At first we thought she was saying some bad words… but after listening to it careful.. we figured.. she was just copying Bart Simpson and talking about Lisa Simpson’s Saxophone. She finds it hilarious.. and she … [Read more…]