Flowers Online

Flowers are universal gifts, they speak the universal language for you, and for those who don’t know how to express themselves well, let the flowers speak for you. Whatever the occasion or wherever you are.. no matter the age, no matter the time, we all love receiving flowers. How romantic it is .. for a … [Read more…]

Eating Out

I donch like traveling to the city if i can help it.. all because the brat doesn’t get to eat proper. She refuses to eat anything.. except french fries. So the 2 days we were up in the city, all she had mostly was french fries.. and juice. Well.. she did have a small bowl … [Read more…]

Maybe It’s Us

We’ve been complaining and complaining that the lil’ brat doesn’t sleep early nor does she sleep the whole nite. But reading a magazine this morning on parenting made me think again that maybe it isn’t the lil’ brat’s fault. In the mag, it says that we shouldn’t let her sleep in .. that way she … [Read more…]

My Daddy Is Happy

The next before the brat slept the whole nite .. the first time .. in a long time. She was very proud of herself.. so much so that when a customer came into the store the next day.. she told the customer .. “my daddy is very happy today.. because I slept the whole nite.. … [Read more…]

Halifax In February

If you ever visit Halifax or Nova Scotia .. the best time to visit is the summer. This was taken right outside the hotel we were staying in – Econolodge or now called Comfort Inn. It is located in Bedford about 15mins to the city. Halifax is really beautiful. I wished Yarmouth was so vibrant … [Read more…]

Attorney Jobs Blog

Finding a job here in this small town isn’t easy at all, and leaving the family and moving away to find the right job is even harder. You never know what to expect out there and nothing is guaranteed for you. If you are in this particular situation, stop by at the attorney jobs blog … [Read more…]

Getting Ready For Halifax

This is the lil’ brat getting ready for our trip to the city on Sunday. You must think she is heavily dressed up for the end of February right..?? well.. we had to… because it is still very cold. But as soon as the car warmed up .. we stopped and removed her jacket, torque … [Read more…]

Motherhood Changes One

It is really strange .. how motherhood changes a person. For someone who travelled so much for work .. before having the lil’ brat.. and staying in hotels for months on ends.. living in a suitcase…. i now have no desire whatsoever to leave home .. at all. If i hadn’t been able to bring … [Read more…]

Vegas, Vegas!

One of the best thing when I was on vacation in Las Vegas was the hotel in Vegas, they are not only affordable, they are also and luxurious. If you noticed the lobby area, they are one of the grandest lobby I have seen. In Vegas, one can have loads of fun.. not only as … [Read more…]

A Special Wedding

Wedding with a twist is what my girlfriend wanted, a breakaway from the normal routine everyday wedding. She want all attending her wedding … to not only celebrate with her.. but to have a mini vacation as well. I recommended the Pigeon Forge cabin rentals, where you not only get the privacy you want, yet … [Read more…]