The Things She Say

It’s amazing.. when i see how much this lil’ brat has grown.. and the things she say. She dresses herself now.. and is mostly good.. and still doesn’t eat good.. but loves her milky.. and she is SO tall..!! And she is so drama queen… (i wonder where she gets it from) .. muahahhahhaha!!! But … [Read more…]

Proper Education ?

“All Tri-County Regional School Board schools in Yarmouth and Shelburne counties only will be dismissing at 12:30 p.m. and 1:30p.m. today because of inclement weather.” Every little bit of excuse.. they can come up with … a little bit of snow throughout the day.. and they are sending the kids home. I donch think my … [Read more…]

Jasmine At Easter

Of course we took this opportunity at Easter to visit some of Chloe’s friends.. Jasmine.. and Sarah before heading out to Grammie’s. They were short visits.. but what is Easter .. without taking the opportunity to teach Chloe all about sharing.. and interacting with other kids. But Chloe was pretty engrossed with Jasmine’s toys.. more … [Read more…]

Car Angels

Car Angel is a non-profit organization that uses the car donation that you give to make videos for kids and teens. They have given away more than 2.4 million videos. Money raised is used to make videos like the ones below. Be a car angel and make your car donation without any stress at all. … [Read more…]


The weather hasn’t turned warm for us here yet. We are all still bundled up pretty much.. when we go out. Yesterday.. i stayed home with the brat.. because .. i wasn’t really ready yet.. when PB was about to leave for work.. so i tempted the brat with chinese noodles.. for lunch.. so that … [Read more…]

Grammie’s Easter Presents

Of course .. Grammie bought Easter presents for the brat. And more from Aunt Helena.. that i haven’t taken pictures of. Grammie gave the brat loads of chocolate.. and a blouse.. and an umbrella… plus some toys too.. coloring pencils and books.. and some spongey stuff. Grampie gave her chocolates too.. ! she ate all … [Read more…]

Easter In A Child’s Eye

I am not big on Easter.. but PB is… and he painstakingly.. went out to buy presents.. and chocolates.. and eggs.. and even a basket.. for the brat .. for Easter morning. And she sure had a great time.. hunting those eggs.. on easter morning. Still in her PJs.. someone really thought that Easter bunny … [Read more…]

No Going To Work

“Not Going To Work.. I’m Sick..!” .. that was what the brat told me this morning.. muahahahha!! she is way too smart.. even when sick.. she can say funny things.. to make us laugh.. and to lighten the mood. We really lucked in.. on this brat.. coz’ she doesn’t really gives us much to worry … [Read more…]