I Love Mexico Presents

More presents from Cancun from “good” Sara and her parents. The t-shirt was just the right size.. so thoughtful of Adele and Gerald. We can never asked for a better friend than the Leblanc family. They have always been steadfast in our friendship.. which is pretty hard to find .. in this town.

I Can Macarina Too!

Thank you the “good” Sara (as chloe puts it) .. Gerald & Adele for remembering Chloe.. when you went to Mexico for your holiday. Yes.. they have always been very kind to Chloe.. since she was born.. always remember her birthday.. and Christmases.. and any occasions. We really lucked in on this good friends.. in … [Read more…]

I Wanna Be Size 8!!

Yes.. call me crazy..! but with summer just around the corner.. i can’t helped but wanna be size 8 again..!! envy to see a customer come in today at the store.. and she too had lost weight.. but she didn’t really tell me her secret. She just said.. she smarten up. I wonder if she … [Read more…]

Keegan Was Sick Again

Keegan was sick yesterday.. and of course the brat longing to see her the whole weekend.. was very disappointed. I was telling PB .. i donch know what it would be like.. once Keegan goes full time into nursing.. and can’t babysit..?? afterall, it had been almost 3 yrs now or more.. that the brat … [Read more…]

Motherhood Changes Me

I kid you not.. when i tell you that.. ! see the dress chloe have on..?? yes. . i only buy cheap and good stuff.. when they come off season.. and keep them till the brat can wear them. At $4 for the dress, I figured i couldn’t go wrong. Motherhood did changed me… and … [Read more…]

Princess Scooter

We bought the scooter for the brat yesterday.. and since it was a display one. .we got 25% discount for it.. so we ended paying like $15 .. which in my opinion was a great price. But grampie is paying for it.. muahhahahhaha!! yes.. we are pretty smart .. when it comes to buying things.. … [Read more…]

The SeaGulls Are Back !

I donch know if you are aware of this. .but where I am living.. in Nova Scotia.. we are surrounded by the Ocean .. and when one sees the seagulls coming back… it can only mean one thing to me… !! the warm weather is gonna be here really soon. This is the first of … [Read more…]

The Perception Is Wrong

Alot of women out there feels that marrying overseas or uprooting permanently is so glamorous, especially when they see a friend who married a “white man” go home to visit their parents, family and friends. The perception is so far from being the truth! oh don’t get me wrong.. the “white man” is great.. but … [Read more…]

A Sample Free Time

Saturday afternoon was the 2nd time.. we left the brat with Keegan at the store.. for an hour or so.. and went back home .. to eat. It was very quiet at home.. without the brat.. and we are not used to it.. muahhaha!! PB said.. it is a sample.. of what it would be… … [Read more…]

Piano For Your Pre-Schooler

I’ve always wanted to send my daughter for piano classes because she seems to love music alot and i hear that learning to play the piano as young as 4 yrs old actually boost their intelligence. Unfortunately, I am not very musically inclined and would rather not send her to a music school just yet, … [Read more…]