Nose Job

Here we see Keegan and her pierced nose. I was freaking out .. when she showed me the nose piercing.. but she said.. it didn’t hurt. See lah..!! this gal..!! so pretty .. yet.. she don’t know how pretty she is. Any asian girls out there.. would die for her features.. yet she wants to … [Read more…]

Are You A Bad Mom ..?

I read from another blogging mom’s blog questioning herself if she was a bad mom.. for being on the computer for the whole day… and not playing with her daughter… because the need of her earning the extra money.. because her husband isn’t working. If that at this point of time, would someone say that … [Read more…]

Savings Account

We started having a savings account for our daughter just after she turned one. Afterall, she does get a check from the government till she is 16 yrs old.. and to use it . .it would not be right. We feel that doing it now.. when she is young, it would only means that she … [Read more…]

Soap Face

She has so much fun bathing.. and PB does a good job.. cleaning her up. .because i can’t bend over.. because of my fibroids. But it is really good to see father and daughter bonding.. because my father never bond this way with us. Times has changed. Even my mother-in-law said i was lucky.. to … [Read more…]

Manhattan New York Real Estate

Whether you are relocating, buying a house or downsizing or upgrading, we all know that it’s a huge investment.. and just like any couple, family, we know that we have to be very careful when we buy a house or sell one. And if you are moving to New York City, Long Island or the … [Read more…]

It Takes Two

Sometimes whenI see PB carrying the brat to bed.. i get such a wonderful feeling.. maybe my dad was never this way to us..?? And on the other hand.. i know i can never make it as a one parent thing. It’s hard to be a good parents .. and to do it alone.. now … [Read more…]

Brat & Keegan

After a week with no keegan, the brat was definitely happy to be with her again. They played dressed up.. and drew .. and ate . . and she was extremely happy .. after Keegan left. They do get along well.. and keegan does take good care of the brat. Oh . .and i took … [Read more…]

Piano For Pre-Schoolers

I’ve always wanted to share my love of music with my daughter.. and what better way then to teach her at home where she is in a friendly environment.. and not feel intimidated. If you are like me and want to nurture your kids love for music, for more information visit You will be … [Read more…]