A Ton Of Lorry Ran Over Me

Hiya, Everyone..! Thanks for the emails.. the comments.. and the well-wishes left over msn.. and your prayers .. during my operation. I survived..!!!!! but i feel like a ton of lorry just ran over me. Still in loads of pain.. but i’m eating.. and peeing and pooping.. although everything taste a wee bit odd.. these … [Read more…]

Operation Update

Just a quick note.. on my operation. The date is set .. and the operation is at about 8am.. on Monday morning – 23rd of June 2008. My EKG came up normal.. but my hemoglobin is at 98 .. not ideal .. to me. Some tests were taken today, if nothing else happens between now … [Read more…]

I’ll Try !

Asked the brat anything.. and she would answer.. “I’ll try!”. If you tell her to go to bed early.. she will answer … “I’ll try!” .. if you tell her to sleep the whole night.. she will say.. “I’ll try..!!” seriously .. i donch know where she learned that from.. but anything she donch know … [Read more…]

Attracting Walk In Traffic

We are trying to give our store.. alot more exposure.. by advertising on the radio, papers .. and even on the internet. But right where our store is.. i think we should consider having some digital signage, so that those taking a walk out during summer time will take notice of our store. Afterall, digital … [Read more…]

I’m A Survivor !

For those who haven’t been here before.. please know that i am going for a major operation next week. I’m having a hysterectomy and having my fibroids taken out. My fibroids are huge .. and it is making me look like i am 24 weeks pregnant. There is currently some complication with it.. because my … [Read more…]

What A Day !

What a day this was..! from a sudden call from the gynecologist that he wants to see me.. immediately .. and that tomorrow is not possible. So we closed the store.. went the the doctor’s office.. waited .. saw him.. went to another doctor.. and then went to get my x-ray done. Pending to be … [Read more…]

Some Ambition For Father’s Day

I asked my father-in-law what he would like for Father’s Day.. and he said.. some ambition. Now donch we all wished for some ambition now. Anyone got some ambition to sell me.. to give to my father-in-law…?? Yes.. my father in law can be funny sometimes. I think he is a great guy.. and a … [Read more…]

Future Pro-Blogger

When we bought chloe a real camera .. a few weeks ago.. and she brought it along to show off to her grammie.. this was what she said.. “Grammie, grammie..! i can now take pictures.. of my food before I eat..! ” muahhhahahaha!! move over .. Chez Pim.. here comes MonsterBrat…!! although .. she wants … [Read more…]