Lost Child

If you think that this can not happen to you or that it only happens to your neighbor’s child or some faraway country or someone who has crazy parents at home, then you are wrong. Parental abduction is not something you would expect your spouse to do but it can happen for various reasons that … [Read more…]

I Love Food Bloggers !

I most certainly do..!! Food bloggers are a group of really fun loving people..who loves good food.. or any kinda food.. and donch mind sharing it with you .. and you know what..??? they are not B.I.T.C.H.Y or SCHEMING..!!! (i donch have time for that) they just loved their food..! they are not into traffic.. … [Read more…]

A Hair Wash & Cut

I have an infection on my laporoscopic surgery .. and one of the wounds just wouldn’t heal properly. On antibiotics .. and was told not to shower.. but sponge bath instead. But what about my hair..?? The shower faucets in all our bathrooms are those that are non removable.. so i’ll have to stand inside … [Read more…]


This was taken on Sunday.. when we were out having lunch at Pizza Delight. A late lunch at that.. ! but the picture of PB is priceless.. !! because you rarely see him smile..!! well.. unless he was gaming with tubby.. (his friend forever type). Yes..! this is the face of the man.. i traveled … [Read more…]

Celebrating 9 Yrs In Business

A month from today.. the store will be celebrating its 9th anniversary in business. Besides promotional products to give away on that day, we are thinking of having a sale.. and a cake and tea session for our regular customers. What else can you think of ..?? to advertise our anniversary..?? pray tell.

A Career I Love

If i could turn the clock back, i want to be a massage therapist. I kid you not! after having my first massage some 10 yrs ago in a spa, i truly wished there were more massage therapy schools back home. I would have definitely chosen this line of work.. and would have loved it.

Pictures Up

For those who wants to see the pictures of my fibroids and uterus during my hysterectomy operation, you can head over to my health blog : DesperateHousecows. The said pictures are up.. but please be warned. .that if you do not have the stomach for blood, grossed looking things.. that can make you faint and … [Read more…]