When Easterly Showers Fall On Sunny West Episode 5

When Easterly Showers Fall On Sunny West Episode 5 can be watched on my entertainment blog : www.crazychinesewoman.com and after watching the episode.. i cannot help but feel how stone – hearted Liza’s character in this movie. Plus hor.. she did get pregnant and had a illegitimate son.. when she was very young in this … [Read more…]

Prom For Kate

Being a kid in Asia is not easy.. because of how competitive everything is. But being a kid in Canada.. well.. it’s not easy.. on other aspect. Take for example our babysitter .. Keegan, she is shopping for her prom dress now.. and prom is in May 2009. The one she is interested in . … [Read more…]

Gem Of Life Episode 8

Gem of Life Ep 8 ready to be watched in 8 mins on my entertainment blog. I am watching it now.. but it has to be uploaded first wor.. so you all can watch it .. without the fuss and hassle of waiting to download . .and then upload. Enjoy..!! and let me know what … [Read more…]