Be Careful What You Wished For

With Chloe being so sick for so long, I had wished that I was the one sick instead of her. And guess what..?? after 8 months of having my hysterectomy done.. and an emergency laporoscopic surgery due to bowel obstruction (so they said) .. i started spotting today. Of course, that freaked me right out.. … [Read more…]

Still On The Floor

Yes.. 4 nites in a row.. and i’m still on the floor. But last nite.. was the last..!!!! my back screams for help..!!!!!! Yes.. ! each nite.. she would wake up at 3.48am.. and give me all sorts of excuses. The first nite.. i can understand.. because she was all stuffed up.. but last nite.. … [Read more…]

Sniffles & Fever

Chloe just can’t seems to shake off that fever and sniffles. She came home from Ciarra’s birthday.. and started having the sniffles.. that developed into a low grade fever overnite. Stayed up half the nite.. because she couldn’t breathe properly .. thus disturbing her sleep.. and couldn’t get up on time.. to go to school. … [Read more…]


It had been quite a month.. starting just before the Chinese New Year. Chloe is finally back to almost normal.. and i say .. almost because she is still hacking. After enduring this back bolt of illness, we resorted to using the baby monitor once again .. so we can hear her.. when she does … [Read more…]

Registering For School

We called several schools to make an appointment to visit these school for Chloe’s admission for Grade Primary in the Fall. Yes.. i hear yer say.. all over again.. ? Yes.. but this year .. we are doing it earlier than we did last year.. that way.. we can check out other options. We also … [Read more…]