Hypertension/High Blood Pressure

For those who are not aware of this.. yes.. ! i’m diagnosed as having Hypertension. In another words, high blood pressure lah. And i blamed it on the lack of the kind of food i cannot get here. Back home, i cannot remember eating so much instant noodles.. nor burgers .. but here in Canada.. … [Read more…]

Get The Hint ?!?

PB is very witty .. ! that was one of the reason why I fell in love with him and came all the way from Asia. An example of his wittiness below : Me : blah … blah.. blah.. blah blah.. Green shopping ! Get the hint..!!! PB : Nope!! it’s against my religion. Me … [Read more…]

Sassy Chloe

Yes..! the brat can get sassy if she wants and I’m sure every parent can attest to the same situation .. and what do parents do .. when your kid gets sassy..?? Well, we were grocery shopping when she insisted on carry a bag of groceries .. and not even to the door she said … [Read more…]

It’s Gotta Be The Water

On Saturday.. when i woke up .. i received a comment on chloe’s blog saying that the babysitter’s niece who was in Chloe’s blog .. that she was a “HAPPY” kid. I asked the sitter if she knew .. that person.. and apparently it was the sitter’s brother’s woman. I didn’t really think much about … [Read more…]

Swimming Time

We never let Chloe go swimming till this year because we felt that she was too young.. before now. She had a swimming costume before from her grammie.. but it is too small now.. so we had to get her a new one. She chose the pink one of course..!!! and cannot wait to try … [Read more…]

Short Visit

Godma Lynn came for a short visit .. about a week. She left this morning.. and headed out .. to embark in her new job.. actually a lateral transfer..?? Anyhow.. Chloe saw her Godma Lynn twice.. and twice was short visits. Chloe asked me .. how come Godma.. didn’t play with me.. in the park.. … [Read more…]