Merry Christmas

So Christmas came and went.. and nope.. i didn’t get any Grohe faucets from Santa.. hahahha!! guessed i wasn’t being really good eh. So how was your Christmas.. ? were you naughty or good..?? As I sit here .. and reflect on the things that went on this year.. i cannot help but thank God … [Read more…]

New Boots

Chloe has a new boots this year – since the one last year didn’t fit her anymore. Winter boots are expensive here in Canada.. and raising a kid properly is definitely not cheap. I know of some parents who would buy used boots for their kids.. but we all know certain things cannot be second … [Read more…]

Chloe’s School Concert

Chloe had her school concert a few days ago, we enjoyed it tremendously, so did she but we didn’t enjoy losing our kid at the end of the concert. You see – when the concert was over – everyone was all over the place. Chloe was in the front of the church and we were … [Read more…]