Best Laid Plans

I took a shower last night and cooked my rice and let it sit enough and put them in the fridge for the next day to fry some pineapple rice for Chloe to eat in school. And also planned to go out and get some stuff done before going to work this morning – but … [Read more…]

Own A Commerical Buidling

So a commercial building came up for sale – within our price range and PB is interested in investing in it. An option is to move the store to that building and then rent the 3 other apartments on the top out. But the inside of the apartments need working on – the 2nd floor … [Read more…]

Helping Out

While other parents helped out/volunteer at their children’s school – I raised money and I give money, apples, cakes & chocolates kid’s school and her class. PB must be wondering why I keep hustling his customers and parents and brother for money for this and that and the only reason why I do that is … [Read more…]