Sick From Summer Camp

Chloe came home sick from summer camp – she said she was feeling cold the entire day – I was surprised that the camp councilors didn’t call to inform us – nor told us about it when we had called to check on her in the afternoon. Poor kid! Maybe, we shouldn’t have let Chloe … [Read more…]

A-Frame Houses

The photo doesn’t do it justice because the A-Frame houses that is near the lake – looked really cute from far away. I don’t really know who lives in these A-Frame houses – or if they are for sale but i found on the internet that they are for rent at $500/month – doubt they … [Read more…]

Health Issues

As you all know – I have some health issues – lucky for me – in some ways- being here in the West – my medical bills are taken care of by MSI and for many friends that I know – they are also covered by a disability insurance provided by the government here. In … [Read more…]

Pets & Chloe

I’m not very much of a pet person – so when Chloe also learned not to like pets so much – I can’t really blame her. I don’t mind dog so much – but cats – I absolutely dislike – no idea why – but just don’t like them. But PB loves cats more than … [Read more…]

The Western Men & The Chinese Men With Electronics

I wanted to think of a title that won’t offend my Chinese friends – but there isn’t really a good way to put it – without upsetting some. But this only applies to those who are not technically inclined because the Chinese men that I’ve met – are not very technically inclined – well – … [Read more…]