Bedside Table/Drawers

So I finally settled for a Wicker’s emporium Maize 3 drawers storage for a bedside table and plus it was 50% off – so I bought it for my bedroom. I had wanted it in a different color – but they only had this color or the multi-colored ones – so I settled for this … [Read more…]

She’s A City Gal Alright!

A few days ago – Chloe had a chance to go to Ellenwood Park with the summer camp. She was quite worried to be honest – but like any parents – we want to teach her independence, so we encouraged her to try it out. I have to mention here that this is the first … [Read more…]

Fairly Fashionable

My nephew who will be attending University during this fall called to ask me about getting a new wardrobe for school. He thinks I’m fairly fashionable and would like me to go shopping with him and his mom – he was petrified that he would have to dress up the way his mom wants him … [Read more…]