Believing In Santa

Christmas is finally over and as usual – I have a very happy kid – and every year on Christmas morning – I see more and more difference in Chloe – she has definitely grown but she didn’t lose her innocence at all.  Why?  while her friends keep tell her that there is no Santa … [Read more…]

Organic Skin Care For Kids

Found some organic skin care for Chloe at the supermarket the other day – but they were old stock I think.  Parked right at the back of the store – I think I’m going to check out the health store instead.  I’m trying to look out for skin care lotion for kids for Chloe and … [Read more…]

My Baby Turned 8 Today

Yes!  Chloe turned 8 yrs old today – but she is down with a cold and fever – slight one – thank God!   She has grown so tall and so smart – I cannot asked for more.  8 yrs ago today – I gave birth to her in Yarmouth Regional Hospital – she was 7 … [Read more…]

Chloe’s Concert 2011

Chloe had her concert in the church today and her grammie and grampie came too !  which was a good thing because she wanted so much for them to see her on the stage.  The kids were so cute – I tell yer – they grow so fast. PS :  now if you see your … [Read more…]