I do not like hospitals – period and only go to one unless absolutely necessary or if it is because Chloe needs to see a doctor.  Now that would be a totally different thing altogether – afterall, it is Chloe we are talking about right.  Today, Chloe’s grammie went into the hospital to see her … [Read more…]

East Meets West Upbringing Of A Child

I have to constantly remind myself that there is cultural difference between PB’s upbringing and our Chinese upbringing and our values.  Today is Tuesday and Grammie didn’t come to the store like she would – probably because she didn’t have a ride to town.  And since Chloe didn’t go to Grammie’s on Sunday because of … [Read more…]

First Snow This Winter 2012

And I thought that we were gonna have a mild winter !  yesterday the weather was like spring and today  – lots of snow and lots of wind – windchill of – 19C.  I do not like the cold at all – even after being here for so long – a good 11 years and … [Read more…]