Moving To Canada

A friend from home is migrating from Asia to Canada and she had been writing to me for the last 6 months in preparation as to what she should do or prepare for. When you migrate with the entire family, no doubt you would be worry about a lot of things.  Besides having to start … [Read more…]

Quick Solution

My heel hurt for a few days now  – and being diabetic – I’m a bit worried about it but I decided to try what I tried last year by buying a more supportive foot liner.  But after a few days – these gel heels didn’t really worked for me, so I guess I have … [Read more…]

Back To After School Program

We’ve decided to let Chloe go back to the after school program today because the weather was so nice – and also because of what happened last Sunday.  We went out to visit Grampie because her Godma came from Toronto but they were so tired – no one wanted to play with her.  Poor Chloe … [Read more…]