So Relaxing

I never had a chance to do cross stitch when I was a kid not because we were that poor but because my mom concentrated a lot on the boys and nurturing them instead of us the girls.  When I got older, I was too busy trying to make a life for myself, so cross … [Read more…]

Sudden Fever

Chloe felt ill suddenly during dinner time – first she had a tummy ache and then followed by a fever and you know she is really sick when she didn’t asked for milk before going to bed.   She haven’t even completely recovered from her cold and cough from last week and she got sick again … [Read more…]

Flabby Arms

 I’ve been trying so hard to get my arms and legs toned up – get some muscles but no matter what I do – my flabby arms is still showing !  So I read some axis-ht reviews  to see if there is anything I can take – to help me with toning up my muscles and … [Read more…]

Drawing Class For Chloe

Maybe I’m biased but I think Chloe sure draw a good picture – because I could never draw like that.  Talking about drawing my sister and my dad used to be very good at drawing but I could never draw even a stick person properly when I was a kid.   I remembered when I was … [Read more…]

Cruiser Bike This Summer

This year seems to be such a happening year for our family, from renovating the basement to getting the backyard fix and a fence put all over and now a cruiser bike for myself.   And I should buy it instead of procrastinating like I do every year and ending up not doing anything productive … [Read more…]