Choice Or Necessity

While many had casually mentioned that I didn’t need to work so hard online anymore , since the spouse’s business is doing so well, I figured I should let everyone know that it is my choice to continue doing what I do and it isn’t a necessity for me to continue working online.   The only … [Read more…]

Vlogger Fair In Seattle

Yes, Vlogger Fair will be in Seattle, Washington again and this year, I’ve been invited to go to the fair by Youtube and my PR company is making arrangement for me to meet up with my advertisers and other potential marketers.  I’m very excited of course and can’t wait to be in Seattle, Washington for … [Read more…]


Vlogging – is a video log. Yes, I’ve been approached by a company/online magazine from USA to be one of their vloggers for a cosmetic/health online presence.  The PR company that I’ve worked with for the longest time worked out all the details for me and they flew me out to New York for a … [Read more…]

Computer Problems

Sorry I haven’t been online for a lot this summer, been busy with the lil’ brat of course and also had some computer problems, so was  reformatting hard drive  and doing all sorts of virus scanning before we said, I give up and reformatted the computer.  But while we were at it, we decided to … [Read more…]

New Beginnings

So after being with Blogsome for 7 years – they finally decided to close down – darn!  boy ! did I panic!  why?  because blogsome didn’t have the plugin to export all my contents from the beginning – therefore – I had kept the blogsome blog running thus long – for it was one of … [Read more…]