Celebratory Moment

Yes !  a time for celebration ! that’s for sure.  My sister from another mother bought her very first all new car!  woohoo!!  while others may just envy or even be jealous about her success in saving up for a down payment and getting credit, I on the other hand am exuberant for her.  She … [Read more…]

Summer Begins

What better way to start the summer than with a BBQ at the house with friends and family.  This was exactly what we did yesterday and of course, the guys had to have their  alec bradley cigar. While they enjoyed their cigars, we girls enjoyed our wine and watching our children play together in our … [Read more…]

Moving To Canada

A friend from home is migrating from Asia to Canada and she had been writing to me for the last 6 months in preparation as to what she should do or prepare for. When you migrate with the entire family, no doubt you would be worry about a lot of things.  Besides having to start … [Read more…]

The First Visit To The Dentist

The day after Christmas, Chloe had her first dental appointment. She needed a little coaxing to get her onto the dental chair and to lean down. The hygienist was quite ok .. at first.. but then . .i think being too young.. she was at a lost too.. when Chloe started fussing. i donch know … [Read more…]

A Wedding To Remember

Weddings are such joyous occasion and even though we say, it should never be stressful, who are we kidding..?? Never had i been to a wedding that the bride wasn’t stressed up.. and some even worst, didn’t want to get married because she wasn’t getting the right help or the spouse just wouldn’t lift a … [Read more…]

Part of Santa’s Loot

This was taken on Christmas eve, before we even got our presents under the tree. This is what you see from customers/friends of the store. All belonging to the brat.. and not inclusive of her grandparents.. Aunt Helena’s.. nor her Godma’s .. or ours. So you can somewhat imagine.. how much gifts she had gotten … [Read more…]

We Did Good This Year

Yes..! we did pretty good this year… I’ll have to say.. with the Christmas presents .. and delivering it on time. We bought for everyone that we wanted to buy for.. and they were gifts that were thoughtful.. and not just bought randomly. Plus the best part had to be delivering them on Christmas eve.. … [Read more…]

A Very Special Boy

He has a very special place in my Chloe’s heart. Chloe even can recognize John and asked for her very special friend.. when she sees John without him. They are only a week apart in birthday.. and we certainly have come a long way .. with this sweet lil’ handsome and clever boy. His name … [Read more…]

Quite Overwhelming

For the last few days.. customers turned into friends had been dropping in .. in steady streams.. to drop presents for Chloe. Yes.. and for those who couldn’t make it for the birthday party.. they too, drop in with her gifts. It is quite overwhelming for me.. to be honest.. to receive so much kindness … [Read more…]