Happy Days

Happy Days are here again..??!!??? Grammie came to babysit today all afternoon…!! It’s a Tuesday and after babysitting.. grammie went bingo. Whenever we say “Grammie” to my brat .. she goes to the door and look for grammie. Today while going to fetch grammie to babysit .. chloe was so much better with Grampie too.. … [Read more…]

My Little Housekeeper

My very own little housekeeper. Chloe is way too smart.. i just showed her once .. what to do. .and she was off cleaning stuff and helping out on Sunday.

A gift of Spade

The spade was a gift from Grammie’s neighbour who happened to be at the beach too. This was taken last Sunday. Chloe love the spade so much .. she didn’t wanna let go of it .. when we had to get her into her car-seat.

3rd Time

Chloe’s third visit to the beach this summer. This time.. she didn’t take too long to get walking on the sand. Not like the previous 2 times.. where she had to be carried most times.. or crying buckets.