Slowly But Surely

Things are coming along at the new store. Half the things are still not moved yet.. but it is coming along.. slowly but surely.. 🙂 I have a good feeling for this place.. and i feel we will do better up at Main Street .. instead of down the road.. at a corner. So await … [Read more…]

Hard Work

Poor Papa BoK hard at work again.. !! Woke up early today.. and already at work..whne the store was open.. to do loads of calls.. and to get the new place set up..! Poor Papa BoK .. i wished i could help more.. but with a toddler on hand..and today being Halloween and all.. not … [Read more…]

Daily Updates – 30th Oct 2005

The brat slept at 12.45am last nite, with not much fuss in the living room. Woke up at 3.58am and was sitting up in her crib already when I got in to pick her up. Had some milky, a peepee changed, and after putting on the socks for her and some more clothings, she was … [Read more…]

Poor Papa BoK

Poor Papa BoK did most of the moving and packing and unpacking of the heavy stuff on his own. And after everyone gone home..he still went to the new store to do more work. Those who came to help was great..! and those who said.. they would come. .and didn’t turn up.. had to cheek … [Read more…]

Daily Update – 29th Oct 2005

The brat slept at 11.30pm last nite, with not much fuss in the living room. Woke up at 6.10am with daddy and had her milky and peepee changed.. and slept at 6.45am. Woke up at 9.12am and had more milky. And rolled around the floor till about 10.33am, woke up finally and had some bear … [Read more…]

Dreamy Days

I first got my internet access in Feb. 1995 and spent a LOT of hours on-line during the first few months. It’s an awesome place and I know you must agree due to the fact that you’re sitting in front of a screen reading about MY life, hehe. Then again, I STILL spend a lot … [Read more…]