Crazy with Phil

Chloe has certainly come a long way. Look at her playing with Phil this afternoon.. and going crazy. Yup..!! she loves it..!! of course Keegan had to be around… otherwise . .not as friendly to Phil or Brenda… πŸ˜‰

3 Way Nose Job

Keegan’s father – Phil .. playing with Chloe.. and Chloe having a ball..! We are indeed very blessed.. because not only does Keegan look after and love our Chloe alot… the father.. is just as good with Chloe. In fact the whole family is really good to Chloe… i hope Keegan will remain as Chloe’s … [Read more…]

Good Planning ..??

Once again this town continues to amaze me more and more. It’s Lobster Fest, as I mentioned a few days ago.. Last year they blocked off Main Street in the downtown core, about 3 blocks worth, to allow people to wander freely about and to give the downtown merchants plenty of sidewalk space to put … [Read more…]

Same Sense of Humour

My MIL has the same sense of humour as PB. When i told her.. that i lost my voice today.. she said.. “must be very quiet over there today” ..! Muahahhahhaa!! Very funny…!! And my reply was .. NO..!! far from it..! i was even louder.. to get heard..!! hahahha!! Nothing can stop this “Bili … [Read more…]

Chinese, Chinese & More Chinese

Yah.. i’m pretty obsessed…!! Obsessed with what..?? with chinese things.. anything chinese..! like now .. i am listening to Anita Mui’s song while i am typing this. And most times..i play chinese/cantonese music .. at the store. I love my chinese shows.. more than “ang moh” shows. Love chinese food more than “ang moh” food. … [Read more…]

Ang Moh No Blame

One thing good about the ang moh hor.. is that they never blame the wife.. if the child is naughty. Most chinese man i know.. like my father lah.. and my grandfather.. and even my brothers.. they blame the woman/wife.. if the kid/s is naughty. This morning.. the brat of ours.. was cranking up.. and … [Read more…]