Saving Your Games & Movies

Did you know that the surface of your game disk or movie disk is scratched and you can’t watch the movie or play the game no more.. you can bring it into our store.. and we can repair it for you ..?? Yes.. for 5 bucks a pop.. we can save your game of 90 … [Read more…]

Xbox 360 Repaired

Customer wanted his 360 to be repaired.. coz’ it didn’t wanna work properly no more. I’ll have to tell you this.. and that is PB is right handy with repairing just about everything and anything. The Vietnamese lady who owns a nail place just round the corner.. has been asking him to repair her blow … [Read more…]

Get The Best Movers

Moving from one house to another .. is already an uphill task, and for those relocating from one city to another, I assure you, is no easy feat either. A couple of years ago, a girlfriend of mine moved from Connecticut to San Fransisco because her husband was offered a great job in SF. The … [Read more…]

Killam Look-a-Likey

I’ve always said.. chloe doesn’t look anything like me.. because mummy was an ugly baby when i was a kid. So for the fun of it.. i tried this out.. since every mummy and daddy blogger i know.. has already tried this. Result..?? PB said.. “seeeeee..!! she does look like you ..!! muahahhaha!!” .. but … [Read more…]

50% Off Books

Reading is probably one of my favorite pastime besides watching chinese tv shows. And everyone that i know or have met love books too, be if fiction or biographies or like my spouse, he loves the Sci-Fi big time. Books bought off the shelves in a bookstore can be very expensive, considering that now we … [Read more…]

Beat Unfair Ticketing

A girlfriend of mine living the United States, keeps getting pulled over for speeding. She was quite sure that she was doing the required speed limit each time but she sometimes is in a hurry for another meeting or picking up her kids from pre-school, so she didn’t think too much about it and just … [Read more…]

In Service

What is In-Service..?? yer probably wondering..! well.. In-Service is so often heard in this town of ours.. because it means.. the kids donch have to go to school.. for either the teachers.. have got some meetings on.. or they have to do marking..??!!?? What luxury eh..?? In all my life in school.. from primary to … [Read more…]

Cash Without the Embarrassment

I don’t know about our family but in my very Chinese traditional one, it can be quite embarrassing to go home and get a loan from your parents or brothers and sisters. Why..?? because the family equates your shortage of cash flow as being unsuccessful and if one wants to go home and get a … [Read more…]

Fabric Blind Your Windows

We wanted to get new curtains for our windows and decided instead this year.. we should get some blinds, but little did i know that there are other alternative to blinds. I fell in love with fabric window blinds immediately because it sure is a great way to soften the windows. It lets natural light … [Read more…]

No Pre-School Nevermind

I’ve often wonder if we short changed the lil’ brat by not sending her to pre-school to let her learn and play with other kids. Yesterday, she drew this for me.. and told me who was mummy.. her daddy.. and of course the smallest one is her .. “chloe”.. she said.