Food Blogging

Sorry.. ! no blogging today..! i’m going thru’ all my 300 food blogs on my bloglines. Later folks…! Update : I had about 2000+ entries to read from my bloglines… and i’m now down to 940. So yes.. i’ve left alot of footprints everywhere. If i haven’t visited, please know that it is because i’m … [Read more…]

My Type Of Man

Handsome right..???!!!?? muahahhaha!!! no lah..!! my g/fs asked me.. wah.!!! how come you like hairy man..???!!!?? but i do..!! what can i do right..?? plus i cannot be with someone who is smaller size than I.. else i donch feel protected leh. PB can be very stylo malo if he wants to be… and he … [Read more…]

So What Have I Been Up To This Week..?

Well… i haven’t grown any taller.. ! but i’ve seen the surgeon … dr murphy.. for a follow up for my operation. And Chloe is silly with her fries.. and even though she now eats nuggets.. she will only eat at the most 1.5 and the whole bag of fries. And of course during the … [Read more…]

Moving Girlfriend

A long time girlfriend of mine, has moved from Australia back to USA and then from USA to Singapore… and from Singapore back to Connecticut.. and from Connecticut to San Fransisco. And she is moving again .. because her husband had another offer with another bigger company. This time to New York and I guess … [Read more…]

My Car

Ok..! i’m really sorry.. but you will be hearing alot about my quest to find a car for myself.. in the next few months. Now that my health is on the road to recovery and my immigration papers all done and settled, it’s time i become more mobile..! Our current’s car a/c compressor isn’t the … [Read more…]

PB & Another Kid

Oh boy..!! this must be the second time i saw PB carrying another kid .. besides our own brat. Priceless eh..?? Isn’t Ciara cute..?? Ciara is Keegan’s niece.. she is like 6 months old. .and she is growing prettier everyday. For a man who doesn’t like kids.. except his own.. i would say he was … [Read more…]

A Call From School

We got a call from Chloe’s school on Monday and you wouldn’t believed who called. HER PRINCIPAL..!!! wow..!! awesome eh..?? i donch remember ever my principal calling my parents. .unless i was in trouble.. or they thought that i had a contagious disease (that would be another story for another day). Anyhoooo..!! impressed i was … [Read more…]