Sick Again

Chloe was sick again .. yesterday.. ! fever up to 103 degree and going up every hour. So i was in a frenzy to get her to take her medication .. which she refused. I got PB to make an urgent appt to see her family doctor.. and luckily .. he would take her in. … [Read more…]

Stepping Up

I’ll have to say.. that after almost 9 yrs together physically and another 6 online had made PB pretty smart .. where our relationship is concerned. Firstly, the man is able to set his priority straight and put me and Chloe first before the business. How do I know..?? The day before, after cooping in … [Read more…]

Pink Head

Keegan our babysitter turned into a pink head a few days ago, she had gone to “evil” S*** to get her hair done. Remember the gal who was working for us some few years ago, and quit. The one who showed her bum on the WWW, anyway .. i digress. The first time Keegan came … [Read more…]

Slaver Driver We Are

Yes, we make the brat clean after herself most times. .and she does it willingly. She loves to think that she is helping and doing something the adults do too. She does a good job too ..! and she is really earnest about it.