The Wedding

So PB’s first cousin got married a few days ago. When i first met them.. they were still kids in school. But i’ll have to say .. the twins are awesome kids.. and grew up to be awesome adults. I bet her parents are proud of her.. and when the pastor asked “who gives her … [Read more…]

Vacation With Your Kid

So we have great plans – or so we thought – our plans included many activities and lots of sightseeing. It even involved getting some horse supplements on the way home. But lo and behold, THE KID DONCH WANNA WALK! I never thought this was gonna happen to us – some other kids but never … [Read more…]

Wild Life Park

Our next stop was the wild life park – at Upper Clements about another 30mins from Digby. But I have to tell you .. it is a very small park and we took only an hour – walking really slowly and we got thru’ the entire park. There was a lot to see .. for … [Read more…]