School System

Chloe hasn’t gone to school for 3 days now – well the first day – was in -service (meaning – the teachers had meeting or some self help class) – then it was a snow day but the snow wasn’t so bad – but that’s alright because she was quite stuffed up in the morning … [Read more…]


We were visiting Chloe’s grammie and grampie a few days ago – and she of course needed all the attention (whats new?) and started making noises of a crow. Of course, we all laughed at her and her grammie said – “So you are a crow now?” In which, Chloe replied indignantly, that she was … [Read more…]

Growing Up

It felt like it was just a few months ago, that I had given birth to a lovely baby girl but yesterday, she told us at her grammie’s place that her teeth were loose, she was all panicky and we had to explain to her that it wasn’t gonna be right quick. Her grandmother did … [Read more…]