An Angel When She Is Outside

They say that there is an angel inside every brat – hahah! and yes she can be an angel when she is out with us. But when she is at the store and I start talking with a customer – whether it is for work or for pleasure – she will start her nonsense and … [Read more…]

Winter Is Coming Too Soon

It’s so cold for the last one week – we had to get oil put into the furnace and fired up the furnace today. Winter seems to be coming too soon this year – so i started reading more on glucosamine chondroitin msm – because I have mild arthritis. I think it is because after … [Read more…]

Reading Changes

We can see lots of changes in Chloe this year – this year – she is reading a lot more and recognizing a lot more words than we thought she did. When we go to the mall – she would try to read stuff that are on the sign – and is even able to … [Read more…]

Farewell, Mrs Lee

As I sit and watch the video on the eulogies read by Mrs Lee’s family and then the one by MM Lee and his farewell – when they were saying their last goodbye – MM Lee kissed Mrs Lee twice before moving away from the coffin sadly – it really touched me deeply. How many … [Read more…]