Happy 7th Birthday, Princess!

Dear Chloe, You turned 7 today and boy! have you grown! it had been 7 wonderful years for mummy because you’ve grown to be such a beautiful, smart and adorable child. You seems to get taller everyday and even though you refused to eat a lot of things – you are pretty healthy except for … [Read more…]

First SnowMan In 2010

We had some snow for this year – and there was enough left this morning – to let Chloe make a small snowman. She couldn’t wait to get into her snow pants and go out and play. See her snowman? it’s small – but she did like it so much.

School Christmas Concert 2010

Chloe had her school concert a few days ago – if you are wondering why the faces are blocked out – it is because during the concert – we were reminded once again to be responsible netizen – and not put up pictures of other people’s kid – in case of “pedophiles”? So anyhow – … [Read more…]