Growing Up

I watched these twins grow up at our store – they are such delightful girls even when they were much younger. I remembered both of them telling me that they wanna come work at our store when they grow up – so cute! I met them yesterday during the Multi-cultural fest at the hotel and … [Read more…]

One Month Baby’s Celebration

While the westerners have baby showers before the baby comes – we the Asians have the celebration a month after the baby is born – we called it the baby’s one month celebration. Tonight we were invited to the Zhu’s baby one month celebration and the food was good – the conversation were all about … [Read more…]

The Starving Artist

For the longest time Chloe wouldn’t color another picture when we go eat at Jungle Jims – and even when she does sometimes – she refused to enter her drawing for the Starving Artist contest. Why? because she said she already won once – a monkey – so she should let others have a turn. … [Read more…]

Citibank Private Client

This citibank – Private Client’s ang pow isn’t mine – it was from Chloe’s Kai Mah (godmother) from Singapore. When I received the ang pow today – by mail – it reminded me – when once upon a time I was a private client with Citibank too. And yes, they treated their private client very … [Read more…]